History and Additional Information

The area has a rich historical and archeological importance being the site of much San rock art, some of which may date back 25,000 years. This will be seen while hiking on this breathtaking trail. A bit older history dates back to 1842, when a man called Mr. Prinsloo received the farm with the primary purpose of populating the Free State. His son Ignasius Prinsloo and his wife occupied the farm until he passed away. She remarried to Mr. Davel. They had no children. Mr. Davel bought his first motorcar in 1924 – a black Studdibaker with white spoke wheels. The salesman showed him how to drive the car and Davel drove back home. Arriving on the farm, he had forgotten how to stop the car. He drove around the dam in front of the house, until he remembered that they said that the car works with fire. He then realized that if he drives into the dam, the water would distinguish the fire. He drove into the dam. Now I guess that’s one way of making your car stop. ;-)
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